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Stamped Concrete in Columbus, OH

They won’t believe it’s concrete. Concrete stamping is just one of our several specialty concrete design options that can have a powerful effect on both the aesthetics and texture of your construction project. Concrete stamping involves creating textured designs in concrete that are often confused for cut stone, tile, or even wood, perfect for driveways, walking paths, or patios. Designing concrete stamps is a much more detail-oriented process than your standard basement concrete. The textured design must be pre-planned in a way that is similar to laying out a tile map for countertops or bathrooms. After the concrete stamping design is chosen and customly mapped out for the given project, the cement must be rushed to the site quickly after carefully mixing special aggregates. On the site, the cement must be quickly detailed as the concrete is cured to make sure the concrete dries at just the right time to allow the design to solidify. The result is a beautiful piece of cement art that will compliment everything else around it, but at a price, time, and texture that outmatches cut stone in every aspect that involves efficiency. Concrete stamping is highly recommended for anyone trying to add more detail to their project than just a flat path can offer. Patios, walking paths, and driveways can all use a little more detail as far as we’re concerned, and our unique stamp designs are sure to stand out as a more luxurious option than the more traditional flat texture that is common in the majority of poured concrete.

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