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Stained Concrete Floors in Columbus
Stained Concrete Floors and Colored Concrete in Columbus

Among our many specialty concrete options, Arch City Concrete Contractors offers several techniques for staining concrete floors that will add a serious level of polish to any concrete surface. Flatwork such as indoor flooring and garages can be upgraded from their standard gray canvas to give them a finish that is very decorative and artfully inspired. Adding a level of concrete stain to a garage can change the dynamic of how the space feels, and can even make cleaning much easier. Concrete staining can even compliment the aesthetic of cars or indoor lighting.

There are two types of staining techniques that our concrete professionals specialize in, Acid Staining and Water Based Staining, both yielding amazing results as far as appearance.

Acid staining is actually a chemical reaction which binds to concrete, creating earthy colors and a completely unique pattern that is organically brought out of the concrete, largely reacting to the lime and other minerals that make up a concrete’s natural mineral contents. However, acid staining, as a technique, is limited to only concrete that hasn’t been washed out by water, so we highly suggest considering this technique for indoor concrete only if you want a more dynamic and translucent look to your concrete.

Water based staining is another fantastic staining option that can yield amazing results. This method of concrete staining is not a chemical process, but is rather a mechanical bonding to the concrete, much more like paint or a laquer. Like acid staining, the water based staining process can also create a translucent look, but can also be made to look opaque as well. There is a large variety of water based stains, among the most common are polymer based stains, like epoxy.

If you’re looking for a new decorative look to your concrete space, give us a call and we’ll give you more details about how we can achieve the envisioned effect that you may want.

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