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Columbus Colored Concrete Palette
Colored Concrete - Decorative Concrete Project by Columbus Concrete Contractors

A fairly common method of decorating concrete, colored concrete will help any concrete surface stand out with lighter or more earthy tones to set your driveway apart from the standard grey tone of standard concrete. decorative concrete is a method of using different chemical methods to create full colors in concrete such as red, brown, blue, or black. Many concrete construction projects even use multiple colors to segment out patterns of color that can look really stylish and add a sense of variety when crossing over a cement surface. When combined with other concrete decoration methods, concrete coloring can be even more artfully utilized to create incredibly expressive cement installations that really give a space meaning from the ground up. You may have seen colored concrete used expressively in garden spaces, zoos, and theme parks. A great example of colored concrete is the greens and blues, which are used on tennis courts.

If you are looking to install some colored or decorative concrete in a construction project that you’re working on, give our Columbus office a call and we’ll tell you all about it. At Arch City Columbus Concrete Contractors, we specialize in getting the mixtures for every concrete color down to a science, so you know your coloring will be in good hands with consistent shades, while being incredibly durable to boot.

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