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If you need a competent concrete contractor with years of skill, experience, loyal customers, and integrity, well then you’ve come to the right place. Arch City Concrete Contractors proudly serves the local Columbus area to deliver professional concrete installation services to all of its customers. Here at Columbus Concrete Contractors, we specialize in Concrete Flatwork, Concrete Stamping, specialty Decorative Concrete designs, Concrete Foundations, and Retaining Walls to give your home or building the structural support it needs, so you can focus on everything that goes on top of it.

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Big city concrete with a small town feel in Columbus, OH

Our ability to bring a small town feel to our work is what sets us apart from other concrete contractors in the Columbus area. We believe it is important to hire locally and deliver respect and options to our customers that other contractors will forego. We are looking to provide the results that our customers expect. We don’t just see your concrete project as merely another day on the job. We know that every project is unique to each of our customers’ needs and are willing to work with you to fulfill your intended construction vision. Unsure about the details of pouring and shaping concrete? We’re more than happy to work with you and offer our own accumulated concrete knowledge to guide customers to make meaningful choices about their concrete, and we’re more than capable of making meaningful choices ourselves if you’d rather take a backseat to the action. If you want a quality concrete contractor that both respects your construction project for what it is and delivers concrete know-how that rivals that of every contractor in the Columbus area, get in contact with us and we’d be happy to talk about your construction project.

We know you have a wide selection of concrete contractors in the Columbus area, but we want you to choose us, so we can get your job done right.

What to Expect
The Concrete Process in Columbus, OH

Columbus process on creating concrete compound and pouring concrete

Pouring concrete can be a tricky process if a contractor doesn’t know what they’re doing, and different jobs may require different needs for our cement, such as whether the mixture needs to be more solid or malleable to best suit the project’s needs. Fortunately, for our customers, our contractors have the experience it takes to get it right. When creating the concrete compound, we create a mixture of aggregates, cement, and water, which is then churned into a mixture that is malleable when wet, but can yield a highly durable structure when dried. The concrete compound must be consistently mixed until laid onto the project site, where the concrete mixture dries and creates a solid foundation.

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Concrete Stain Columbus OH
Concrete Contractors - Concrete Masonry In Columbus, OH
Concrete Masonry in Columbus OH

Columbus cement formula

The cement formula often needs to be changed to counteract fluctuating conditions, such as temperature and weather, which will dictate how much water we use. Certain conditions may require a thermal blanket, which is laid over the base soil in order to help it maintain its temperature, so the cement will dry from the base up. We also offer several decorative variants of concrete that not only takes structure into account, but also the color of the concrete. We even offer services to stain existing concrete to give your outdoor patio or garage a richer aesthetic. An optimally proportioned formula is vital for getting that smooth, flat topography that not only looks good initially, but stays looking good through decades of wear and tear, and we know all of the tips and tricks to get it there the first time, and with the right look to suit your individual project. We will also let you know how to best facilitate the concrete curing process to yield pleasing final results.

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